Some Specialist Services Associated With Private Car Hire Insurance


Bespoke approaches to the provision of insurance cover

There is a bespoke approach to the provision of private hire insurance. That means that the customer is given a wide level of discretion in terms of the services that they can request. There are specific advantages that are associated with this approach including ability to rationalize the services according to the needs of the client. In addition there is less pressure to provide standardized services which fail to meet the basic requirements that drivers have.

Home operators and their insurance coverage

Some businesses are run from home but they are subject to the same regulations as would have been the case had they been run in an office. The regular is concerned about public safety and will therefore require that the entrepreneur purchases private hire insurance. The terms and conditions may be altered slightly in order to deal with the fact that the business is being operated from home. That does not remove the principal issues that have been to be addressed in order to ensure that there is adequate coverage for both the driver and the passengers that are being ferried.

Insurance coverage for contract work

There are various levels of contract work which may be included in the package which is proposed for private hire insurance. The business that has taken the contract has obligations to ensure that adequate cover is there in order to meet the minimum standards which are set by the local authority. There have been successful prosecutions on the grounds that the entrepreneur failed to get adequate coverage when it was clearly part of their statutory obligations. The person that has hired the vehicle may even be involved in the prosecution because they are not part of the statutory framework.

Airport runs and the schemes that work for them

There is certain sensitivity which is attached to businesses that are working at the airport. Therefore it is imperative that you get private hire insurance if you are working within the tourism industry. Many of the passengers that you will be ferrying will be foreign and the local authority is concerned for their safety as a major income source for the state. That is why the regulatory framework is very tough for the people that are working on the frontline. The local council can not afford to make mistakes in the way that the public safety element is handled.

MPV and minibuses for private hire

There are different types of vehicles which you can include on the private hire insurance policy. The minimum requirement is that they are legally used for business purposes. The hire has to meet the licensing requirements of the state in which you are operating. In fact some of the providers will want to see the badge that confirms that you are running a bona fide business before they offer the full spectrum of services. Do not include your family on the policy unless you have prior approval from the regulator that that will be acceptable.


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